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We established under the aegis of VidhiAagaz.

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“Skill based learning can change our Future.”


The Centre for Legal Research and Studies [ISO 9001-2015 Certified Firm] is an online learning platform, aimed at spreading awareness about law and other legal concepts for the benefit of the general public, while adopting a fun, practical pedagogy, by extensive teaching of these concepts to learners of the legal fraternity through its Online Learning initiatives and Training Sessions.

Our well- qualified team here at CLRS, comprising of globally acclaimed Academicians, Advocates and Associates from various fields of law, is committed to providing skill- based online legal education in today’s knowledge based, digitalized world.


CLRS is an ingenious learning platform wherein we enliven and broaden the horizons of all those interested, through our skill- based courses and training sessions which aim at practical understanding of the legal nuances. In addition, the advocacy skills and theoretical knowledge of learners are also reinforced and moulded. 

As against the current fad of initiating pricey courses, lacking authenticity and fineness, making education a profit- making business, our team here at CLRS strives towards creating a forum for learners to enhance their knowledge through supreme, high quality content, with illustrations and analogies that they can connect to, at very affordable prices. Contrary to the mundane textbook learning, the courses and sessions entail a lot more than just plain words, with prominence to upcoming and other grey areas of law.

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Our Expert Panel Consist of Acclaimed Advocates, Law Firm Associates and Aademicians.

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