Importance of Research Methodology: For any member of the legal fraternity, be it a student, advocate, associate, academician, policy maker, legislature or the government itself, wanting to reach the pinnacle in his legal career, research and drafting is of utmost significance. On becoming proficient, the concepts are stuck with the learner perpetually, backing him throughout his professional walk of life. 

Pedagogy: The Course on Research Methodology is meticulously crafted, aimed at adopting a fun pedagogy, where learning takes place through narrative and illustrative content, fun assignments, video lectures and regular webinars by experts, contrary to the old school mugging up of theories which makes learning a subject as intriguing and imperative as Research, mundane. 

Structure: The content of this Online Certificate Course on Research Methodology has been divided into 8 carefully designed modules, which will be shared one week after the other. Considering the fact that the course is skill based, the study material provided is merely for reference and basic understanding of the learner.

Syllabus: The Course shall elucidate on the following concepts: Research, Legal Research, Research Design, Different Steps in a Research Process, Research Methods i.e. Doctrinal and Non-Doctrinal Research Methods, Research Methodology (Data Collection, Sampling and Analysis), Research Ethics (plagiarism and how not to plagiarize, copyright laws etc.),  Written Presentation, Footnoting and Citations, Publication and Publication Ethics.

Duration: The Course is self paced, with the maximum learning period of 30 days.


Assignment: Assignments will be in the form of Research Article. Students will apply and research following the teachings provided every week, starting from the first day and will have to submit the Article on 30th day of their course.


  • Learn the correct Research Methodology swiftly since the concepts are misconstrued more often than not.
  • Be able to research and draft well- structured, quality research papers, abstracts etc.
  • A Certificate on successful completion of the Course.
  • A Research Internship (on the basis of the assignment).
  • 30% off voucher for pursuing any other CLRS courses.


  • CLRS provide forum for every course, where Students can ask questions and attempt to answer other student’s questions. This provided for a healthy discussion environment. Finally, CLRS provides the correct answers to the provided questions.
  • The forum also helps to ask for technical questions, and to get other logistical support.
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Course Curriculum

Total learning: 43 lessons Time: 4 weeks


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Ms. Riya Gulati is presently working at Law Offices of Caro Kinsella (US Immigration Attorneys), Dublin. She completed her LLB from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune, India where she stood as the University Topper in 2017 and further LLM from University College Dublin, Ireland where she was awarded with UCD Global Scholarship.
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Dr. Pooja Dasgupta, hailing from Maharashtra, has an implausible publication background. She is a reviewer at two international journals and has successfully monitored working on newsletters. Her experience of having worked as Assistant Professor at renowned institutes is incredible she is also highly adept in handling editorial responsibilities as she has headed almost 6 journals and led them towards success. She has also been the editor of 4 books (bearing ISBN) which have been highly acclaimed. With this stupendous publication and academic background her skills and knowledge are highly profound and her predisposition towards research is highly enhanced.